Was late on rent so they took me to a mediator and I had the money to pay the back rent. Sharon refused to accept my rent and she wanted me out without having another place to live with my children.

It was a couple weeks before Christmas and it was agreed I could stay until the end of the month against Sharon's wishes. Mediator even told her that she needed to show a little compassion and she glared them down. I found a place but couldn't get in until Jan 5th and so my manager asked if I could stay until then and she said no. She rent straight up to the courthouse and put and eviction on my record even though I was out when I was supposed to be.

It was just asked if I could stay.

Now I have that eviction on my record and so I can't find a place for me and my children to live because of this. This place is supposed to be for low income and I was being made to pay full amount because a had a back pay for child support and so they included that in and then when I tried to get my rent lowered where I could afford it I was denied.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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